29 April 2010

Sweet Hut @ Kuchai Lama

Nowadays the desert house are getting more and more~Last Saturday when to a new place @ Kuchai Lama named Sweet Hut~It's something like Honeymoon but the taste is much more better than Honeymoon~
Tat's my bibi and me^^We do agree that is nice and worth^^

It was the first day with my I-phone~
An anniversary gift from him^^muacks muacks
Bibi i love you~

I like coconut~
yum yum

Mango 'gam lou'^^

Fixed fruits 'lou'~

Emm emmm...I wanna dress up my I-phone with bling bling Kitty^^
I think i wanna do something like this^^hehe

It's damn cute la wei~
Pink + Kitty = My love

26 April 2010

Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

Today i would like to recommend a restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid,named Bubba Gump for all my readers.It is a special restaurant which the outside is a bar for guests but inside is a very Western-like restaurant,it is for couples to enjoy two of the world...
The arrangement here is very special,light orange and many weird thigs~

I really love this place~

The manner of light cut,the guests in every possible way to take care of~

When u put on this 'side board' the waiter will make a stop on you and look for your order~

If is in blue colour they'll just ignore you,this is the special part of the restaurant...Cool right?

Let's have a look for the menu:)

He was always by my side and I really care and happy~

This is a little glass of alcoholic beverages containing~
I do not think it is tasty,bitter feeling maybe i do not know how to appreciate the taste~

My drink is made of five kinds of fruits,taste special:)

Me me me~


The food,while not cheap,but really worth for a try~

He's eating like a child~

You can try for all the seasoning here~

I enjoy every single moment with my Bibi:)

After the dinner,we rush for movie~

Shutter Island

Story is not really attracted so its seems like wasted my time amd energy~

Anyhow,i still had a enjoyable saturday night with him^^

22 April 2010

Chill @ Starbucks,Bukit Tinggi

Sunday evening after visited Pulau Ketam,Bibi and me chill @ Bukit Tinggi,Starbucks...
This is the choice we always made~
I must go Starbucks at least once in a week,because i really love it so~

I really really addicted to Starbucks coffee and the Tiramisu cakes~
Wow,it's just like melt my heart...
I do spends a lot on Starbucks~
Actually not me la,is Bibi...poor him

Because of me,Bibi have to said Goodbye to his lovely coffee bean...And he need to steps into Starbuck~haha even i know he is coffee bean FANS~huhu

This is my flavour,what about yours?

Starbuck Starbuck, I love you~huhu

Wei Bi,no smoking plsss~~~I hate that smell~!!

I always looks fair IF i camwhored with Bi:)


19 April 2010

Pulau Ketam :o

I went Pulau Ketam last sunday~It was really a unforgettable Sunday morning^^Day out with Bibi and my girl Sharley with his bf~
I woke up at 930am and we started our journey to Klang~
I'm too excited cause i had never been there before~

I love my hair and i love my new brought dress~
Bibi had advised me not to put on my hair extention,because the place was freaking hot~But i never listen~
We took a ship to Pulau Ketam and it's took us 50 min to reached~
I felt dizzy in the ship and maybe i'm just not use to it~

The sky was blue~But its hot~

We walked around the village~The people here were all in bicycle~
I can't see any cars here..They live a very simple life...There were no shopping mall here~If i'm here i think i will commit suicide~

The house were all build in wood~That's wat we called kampung nelayan~hehez

Let's find a restaurant and try the famous seafood here~

Aiya,i had forget the name of this dishes~

Salty prawn...super delicious~untill you can lick your finger~

Visit Ketam how can we don't try the crab here?

There were two types of 'la la' here
One is steam and another is fried~I love both~hoho

See my Bibi,so cute~

Canwhore with the girl~

Beer again~But not for me~Is for Bibi and his buddy~wahaha

After finished our lunch,we walked to a temple for a simple pray~
My hair looks nice today~

Before we leave,while waiting for the ship...

We tried the ABC~huhu nice~

But i still prefer my bird nest desert~

Bye bye my crab island~teehee