27 May 2010

Family Day

Sunday was family day,i realised that this month i do spend lots of time with my family~Is just like every Sunday we stick together~
Bibi was so good to my family members,thx Bi...
Bibi brought my family member to Kuala Selangor again for dinner...
A long journey is just because my mum said she wants to went there for dinner~

A nice moment with the love one and family...
My mummy and me^^mum is always pretty^^
She looks so young man!!!

Bibi Bibi~

Spot my silly bro~haha

Seafood again again and again...

I learn to love my family more^^

I'm trying so hard to diet ~ God bless me~:)

25 May 2010

Hui Wen's Wedding

My dear Hui Wen's wedding dinner was held on 22th May at Palace Restaurant^^
Me and Bibi was invited to join the dinner^^

Some hot chicks who attented was list here:)
We were in a table^^
Kaka and me:)

Jia Jia Yap~

Viick Hoh~



Aki Lim~

Pica with the pretty Hui Wen~

After the dinner,me and Bibi rush back Sunway Opera for second round^^

Let's party~

I can't dance well on that night because i wear a long long dress><
Went Mc for supper^^

Tired like hell~
Back home sleep like a dead body~ZZzZZ

20 May 2010

Genting Genting



Sharley and me~