31 July 2010

Viick,Eunice & Xiiaoyin In Pavillion

From left to right...
Viick , Eunice and moi:)
Yesterday headed to Pavillion for lunch and tea:)

My simple ourfit and make~up...

Sakea Sushi for our lunch^^

With my two lovely babe^^

Salad:) yum yum
We shared for the food^^
Sharing is Caring:)hehe

Let's took some solo pic^^hehe

Frenz 4ever yo~

30 July 2010

New picha uploaded on my FB")

Check it out on my FB:)

29 July 2010





26 July 2010

The Dearest Girl Friends

My girl friends...
Is such a long time never meet up each others...
I think after Hui Wen's wedding dinner night we never meet up...
Miss them lots!!!
Miss Hui Wen the most...Last time we used to go Cheong K together,but now:(
She shifted to Ipoh...Hard to meet her up...

See her belly grow up fast on that baby born:)
Hope that his baby boy will grow up healthy...

Girls together there is always lots to talk:)
Topics like Gossip~hehe
Lunch n shopping together bring us lots of fun at Pavillion:)

I promised I'll puts more time with the girls:)
Dont forget our next date:)

22 July 2010

Sepang Gold Coast

Woke up early on last Sunday~Went to Sepang Gold Coast:)
Before our journey,we had our breakfast:)
Dimmmm Summmmm:)hehe

Take an order first~
Non Halal~

Then we went Gold Coast :)
My outfit:)

I get a visitor pass when get into the resort^^

Nice view but on that day was a rainie day...
Lots of activities forced to be cancelled...
The sea seems to be so piece without people...
No joy No fun...Everyone was waiting for the rain to stop...
But,it din't stop till the night... ...

I just can view the sea from here:(

My lovely Bibi...

Took some pictures as a memory^^

I'll back to YOU some others day^^
By the way...this is the maps to Sepang Gold Coast...
It's hard to go so if can prepare yr GPS:)