25 August 2009


Ermm ermmm...
I'm rushing time,but i still need to post this up first...
I really busy recently...
Can't update my blog everyday:(
I went Klang for Seafood!!!I do love crab much!!!wakaka...
See the view...was so so so nice!!!

This week i think i'll go Pulau Ketam for seafood again...hahax
But is so expensive lo...

This all cost us RM250!~!!
Not much picture,cause my hand was busy~ing eating crab!!!wakaka
Thx Mr.David~

Look at the pictures,my smile was so so so fake!!!


21 August 2009


I had my Tea Time now...
Drinking my Mocha~~~
I do love coffee much~~~I've around 2 weeks never go Starbucks...
Seriusly i miss the taste and the smell...

This coffee shop cant beat startbucks at all...
I'm dissapointed...
Nevermind,cause he brought me this")
My lovely cookies!!!!

I had already BLACK LIST this desert shop!!!

First time went to this shop with all my cousin...
I thought will be nice cause its full house all the time...
But then,after try...my gooosss
This is the oni things i feel nice...
Mango 'Tat'...

What the hell is this???

This is my order!!!Totally spoild my mood!!!


One words to descripe,that is shit!!!! I swear i'll never ever go anymore....

17 August 2009

Ole-Ole Bali

My Saturday night must match with delicious food~
This is my own teori")xoxo
I had my dinner at Ole Ole Bali~
Located at Sunway Pyramid~

Me again:)
My candle light dinner^^

While waiting for the food~

My food is coming~
Yummy... ...

After dinner,i went amp square for sing k^^

Showing off my flower earing...xoxo

Nothing much to post~~~
I back home early in the night,cause my babe da is worried~~
I swear i'll post my singing video asap!!!
Be patient...
I dont wanna write much~~~

Some of my readers request for mandarin post...
Should i???

10 August 2009

♡ Zen

I japanese food...
Opss,can also said i to eat^^
Zen the first day,Zanmai the 2nd day~~~

The food in the menu was so so so attractive!!!


I can eat much~~~
This is all what i order~

Seriusly i can finish all!!!
For me jus SAP SAP SUI:X

Am i getting chubby???

06 August 2009

*Oh Oh Gucci

Yesterday one of my friend back from Paris~
He call me out for a drinks~~

Guess what he brought me back???
My dream beg-GUCCI

I had been searching this for beg a long moment~
Malaysia dint sell this...
And so i get it!!!
I am super excited now!!!
Branded begs if you buy it from others country is cheaper than buy at Malaysia...
Cause Malaysia Tax lots!!!
Next i change my new target to LV~

This month not even eat Roti Canai...
I think gonna eat shit...LoL
I over spended!!!This month
But its worth la...
What to do?