29 September 2009

Starbucks For Life

Today me and bi going Kepong for our brunch~
Guess what we eat???
We eat 'bak ku teh'...hahax
Long time never eat this...We eat thai food oso...lolx

Short hair mode today...xoxo
Purple flower dress *yeah

The Thai food~Looks nice???
Morning i must drink soya bean...Malaysian tradisional style...maybe just my own style...hahax
The plain rice is in heart shape,cute:)
How come we always eat lots???my god!

After this,we going Starbucks^^
We are argue bout where to go...
Bi hearts The coffee Bean but me for sure Starbucks la...
At last i win:)Hahaha
I bring my Laptop along~

We eat again:)

Ice Blended Mocha...
Ah bi punya..

Saya Punya:)
He is eating MINE cake...hahax

Bibi Vs Me
Picture with Starbucks coffee...
Sometimes he really looks cute:)

Among all i love this the most~

And my solo picture...xoxo

We again*


28 September 2009

White Dress suit Me:)

Today going out with May Kayzz~~~
Long time never meet her and she is calling me for hang out...
Since i'm so free so i said OK^^
Bi will be picking me up in the evening...
So i going Time Square...
Before going out...I got the mood to shoot:)

Do you guys feel that i am suit in white dress???
Yeah,i think so:)
But Bi said its too transparent-.-
What i wear oso dint get good comment from him...sob sob

Long Hair today;)
But not real:(
I'm still wondering when my hair will growth long like last time:(
But nvm...I still like my short hair:)

Close to me")so that you'll can see clear bout my make up^^
Actually my make up its super easy and simple...
Bi prefer me without make up...But i wont do that lo...hahax
I hate my natural face...LoL
Can see my TIGER TEETH:)

Contact Lens--->GEO Nudy Brown
Eyeleshes--->Friends brought me back from HK")

Girls i wanna intro you'll my lovely perfume~
ANNA SUI (Flight Of Fancy)...
That's my only choise...I'll never likes others~~~
My Bi fall for the smell on my body^^xoxo

May Kayzz and me...Girls sorry,i'm late for the 'Dating'...hahax
Promise you i'll bring you out next time okay??xixi
Somebody said she looks alike with me...hahax
She just like my sister:)still young...
Bi pick me up at 8.27pm...know why???he tot i shopping at Pyramid...
ARGHH...makes me so angry!!!I know i never tell you i going Time Square,but why u dont ask me!!!
Past ady...cool down,yin...
Never camwhore with Bi cause i'm angry with his foolish~~~