29 June 2010

Ohh,its sing k day~

Long time never updated my blog~It was because my pc having some problem...
So i bring to the shop and fixed it~
Just get back by today^^
Last Saturday went out with my babe Viick again^^
So as usual Bibi sent me to her house,and i wait for her to get done everything and went out for shopping:)

We brought a same dress:)
We'll wear it next time when we hang out together:0
Must be look alike~hehe
After shopping,went Neway again...

I was like how many times i went cheong k a month?hehe
What to do?
I too likes to sing~hehe

We even order the same food^^

Some pic with her before i end up my post^^

24 June 2010


I like my hair colour now:)
Last Sunday went to One Utama again with my Bibi:)
Because i said i've a long time never been for Haagen-Dazs...
I miss the taste...

See i smile~because i'm busy choosing my menu:)

I choose this~
Do u know the reason why?because i miss this lots...
I remember when was the first time my kai gor Oydwen brought me to Midvalley Haagen-Dazs...
It was the first time i taste it:)
And i fall for it...

Thick chocolate is to eat more^^
The feeling that the chocolate with ice cream melted in the mouth was so good~

It seems like not tired of eating more^^

And now Haagen-Dazs is a having some promotion:)
So what are you waiting for?come and enjoy

22 June 2010

First Meet with Vanny

Vanny,a girl who was just 16,i know her on FB...
She call me for meet many times but failed,finally we meet up on last Saturday night...
Have a drink at Oldtown and went for K^^

I use to be with him all the time...
My lovely Boyfriend^^

A freash look with the new hair style...

Nth much to blog...Not really enjoy on that night because i had a sore throat...
Can't really sing well...
Check it out some video record on my FB:)

Trying hard now to get a healthy life so that can get a healthy skin...
No dark circle!!!

Some pictures with her...
We got not much topic maybe our age is so much diff...
I'm old,maybe:)

This chicken wing was too too nice:)till i use both of my hand to eat:)

Back home at 3am...Send Vanny home,but she giving wrong direction...
So it cause me back home at 4.07am...
Oh my godness!!!

19 June 2010

My new hair style:) yo

Am i look great with my new hair style???
Seriusly i love it much~
Makes me looks younger^^
Went Sg wang saloon and sit there for 3 hours^^

My hair done:)
Cost me 850 oni^^For me is worth la...cos nice o...
Went back sunway and go for high tea at FBI with Qiqi..

Very nice dessert house^^

Yum yum...

I will take care of my hair start from today^^hehe
Night for second round^^sing k...

12 June 2010

Zanmai Sushi :)

I seems like long time never steps into Japanese food restaurant...
Saturday night went to Sunway Zanmai for our dinner^^

This is all my favourite food~

Walk around at pyramid^^

Went to Eurostar after that...It's not a great place for clubbing...

I wan shopping again:)
Cash Cash Cash~~~I need u right now:)