31 August 2011



26 August 2011

Coach Collection

Very short post today...
Just finished my singing session:)
Rest a while and update my blog^^
New brought coach tote n purse^^yeah yeah
thx hub^^

24 August 2011

Pavilion Tokyo Street

Last Sunday, hang out with my dearest cousin Darrly and Vivi:)
We went to Pavilion for meet^^Walk around at Tokyo Street^^
Finally got the chance to visit Tokyo Street...
After that, went to Coffee Bean and chill around^^
We had never meet up each other for some times,so we got lots to talk:)
Highly recommended*Mochi
You can also get this from Tokyo Street:)
Yum Yum:)
Had a wonderfull Sunday with my dear cousin and of course my bibi

23 August 2011

Be back soon

Updating my "dead" blog very soon!!!! Maxis line was too sucks!!! Keep cant connect!!! I can't update my blog! Damn it!!! I need a unifi!!! Mum!!!!!!!!
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16 August 2011

Share Of Tips to Edit your Pic#

Halo peeps,
Today is a beautiful Wednesday ^^(Because it is Selangor state Public Holiday)
I'm not working and guess what? I just wake up from my bed...
On my lappie and checking my mail and FB, I found out there are lots of you asking me the same question again again and again...
#What apps are you using to edit this?
#How you edit this?
Alright,today I'm gonna blog about this:) I hope it can help you to edit all your pic:)
Here we go...
Apps#Pic Frame-For the 4 seperate Flame
#美图秀秀-Editing the colour effect
#Princess Cam-Add on cute stamp
#Instaplus-Frames colour
Apps#美图秀秀-Edit colour and Flame
#Labelbox- For words
#Princess Cam-Love shape stamp
Apps#Pic Frame
Apps#Pic Frame + Marron ( For love shape stamp)
#Princess Cam
Apps#Pic Frame
Apps#Pic Frame + Labelbox
Apps#Princess Cam + Labelbox

After read this,you'll know that actually I'm using few apps to edit all my pic^^
so, you can dl all this app from your app store:)
Easy and nice apps...
Really hope that it could help you to solve your prob of editing pic...
Btw, I'm not drawing my eyebrown girls,
I had embroid my eyebrown @ Bluunis, Sunway Pyramid,
So it makes me had a nice shape of eyebrown with drawing it anymore:)
And it's look more natural^^
Anyone who want to call for booking,you can check this detail:
Kuala Lumpur-Sungei Wang Plaza
03-21426185/ 03-21426186
Mid Valley City
03-22834128/ 03-22834129
Sunway Pyramid
03-56221968/ 03-56221969
Subang Parade
03-56367328/ 03-56368328
The Curve
03-77261839/ 03-77262839
Alright,is time to stop,gonna go for pedicure later on:)

11 August 2011

New Ink

Halo,if you guys saw the background of this picha,I think you guys will know what crazy things I wanna do again:)haha
Yeahhhh,you're right!!!
I just suddenly wanted to get an ink on my body again...
Think twice but at last I still go ahead with it:)This time hubby accompany me:)
And the best damn thing was,he did a same star on his neck too^^
Haha,Bibi, you're mine forever now:)
hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*devil smile
Nice right? I choosen a very small design on my neck with the star logo...
Star with a symbol of shining,
to remind myself,there are always bright day along the life...Never ever give up:)
Ohh yeah, i received lots of comment from you guys that asking me where am i did this tattoo...
Gonna post it up here with the add n phone no:)
Here you go:
Lefty Tattoo Studio
05-02B, 5th floor,
Berjaya Time Square,55100
Kuala Lumpur
Open 7 days:12pm to 9pm

09 August 2011

Baskin Robbins♥

Do you feel like drooling while you saw this pictures:)
Ohh it's my favorites Baskin Robbins in Strawberry flavour...So,what's your flavour people?
Thousand of sorry to all my readers, again I had ignore my blog for quite some times,
I never update often like last time,but I'm glad to said that, Thx for keep supporting me,
my readers had reached 600k counter:) Finally
So, some little "reward" for my own self:)hehe
I'll never forget the 31st of every month:)Is my favorites Ice-cream 31% discount sale day:)
I willing to line up a long queue just for my Baskin Robbins
Anyway,thx hubby for the ice-cream,
Small mind but greatly impressed

02 August 2011


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