28 October 2011

Pbb 45th Annual Dinner Night

Pbb 45th Annual Dinner Night was fall on 22 Oct 2011 @ The Mines Convention Centre.
This year was just same like last year, all Region I,II,III,IV joined tgt for this annual dinner.
Alltotal 4k staff have to join for the dinner.
This year were a bit diff from the pass few year, because they decided to put in singing competition in the annual dinner btw Region.
Each Region they will select 2 person to represent the Region,
and I'm selected in the Finalist for Region IV:)
On the day,wake up pretty early in the morning and went for make-up and hair do.
Our dinner night theme for this year was Red Carpet Gala.
So, I had choosen a very nice dinner gaun for the dinner night:)
Everything was done.
How special was this light green gaun btw the others...
This were some pictures taken with my lovely colleague in Subang Jaya branch...
Cheerssss...With the champagne:)

And finally gongrats to myself:)
I had won for Region IV as 1st Runner-Up with RM 1500 cash:)
With the song- Poker Face Remix by Lady Gaga...

The night ends with beautiful memory.

25 October 2011

Samsung MV800

I wan to bring this home!!!
The latest Samsung digital cam!
Since I gt an IP4,I really seldom use cam to take pic,
even my Sony Alpha 55,
I keep it at home!!! Sad man!!!!
And now i wanna get myself a new toy!!!
I swear I'll get you in this month!!!

24 October 2011

My Mole

A Random Post#
With my mole:)hehe
Black and White with smooky eyes...

17 October 2011



如果有幸我想嫁给一个会照相的人 他不一定是摄影师 但是在他
眼里 我是最美的风景。

12 October 2011

New Apps:)

I believe still a lots of ppl dono about this apps...
Is a new apps for dl and it's free!!!
You dont need to pay any single cents for this apps:)
It's call LINE!!!
You can call and text your buddy anytime for FREE!!!
How great is it!!!
People are joining for this now instead of Whatsapp!!!
No more Whatsapp this few days^^hehe
So,DL now on your mobile!
Add me and Talk To Me Now!!!
My ID: xiiaoyin
Spread it guys:) Lets more ppl to enjoy this apps!
People, join LINE now!

04 October 2011

Beautiful Month of October

Times fly...It's comes into the month of October...
Is a busy month as i mention in my last post.
Today went to HQ for 2nd audition and I goes into Final List Singing competition,
gonna be more busy...
Tomorrow gonna go for vacation with the hub:)
Not gonna update anymore...
Received this cute little Kitty IP cover from Jacklyn Gan yesterday^^
Like it much^^
Girls, if you want to order go can go to her FB and drop a msg to her^^
This was my latest nail art...Cute!!
I love my nail art!!!
I did this at the Nail Salon nearby my house^^
Is cheap and nice^^
I'll try to upload more post guys^^stay tuned

03 October 2011


Boring Monday comes with the end...
It's 10.00 pm now...Hubby was sleept, and I'll sleep soon...
Suddenly miss him much...
Goodbye Monday and goodnigh world...
Tomorrow gonna be a better day^^
Just a Random post before i go for outstation,
See ya guys...