21 February 2012

Be Right Back

No time for myself to blog!!!Arghhh!!!!
I swear I'll be back very soon peeps:)
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11 January 2012

Baobei Jin Big Day

Last Friday was my Baobei Jin Birthday:)
She just wan a simple party, so we meet up and had our dinner tgt,
then we went for club^^
Hope she got a sweet memory:)
Love you baby...

02 January 2012

Lovely *Outfit

Simple outfit:)
Please ignore the slipper^^hehe
Happy new year 2012:)

26 December 2011


Another collection for myself:)

21 December 2011

New hair Colour

Are you ready for X'mas?
I'm ready:)
I had get a new hair colour and nail polish for the coming soon X'mas.
Where will you go for celebrate X'mas?
I will go sg for 3 days^^
Gonna go for shopping:) Yesss!!!!
Btw, what is your X'mas wishlist???
I got lotsssss!!!!
Can my dreams comes true?
Santa Claus please tell me:)

19 December 2011

Starbucks Day

I Love Starbucks.
I Love Coffee.
I Love Chocolate.
I Love Mocha.
I Love Lattle.
I Love... ...
This is the reason why i always choose Starbucks:)
A super short update bout mua life,meet my gor last week:)
Long time never meet him:)
He's still the same^^keep contact ya:)

16 December 2011

Melacca Day Trip

Last Sunday went to Melacca for a day trip:)
With the boyfie and baobei Jin:)
Is just a trip for eat and shopping^^
This is one of the pic i took on the day and likey so much:)
We headed to night market for foods and cutie stuff:)
Pic of me:)Early in the morning, we went for dimsum before we started our journey:)
And meet Mika Law while breakfast, she was with her family:)
After few hours journey, finally we reached^^ When for tea break @ Pahlawan:)
Kuih Lapis with Chatime:)
OUTFIT of the day^^
Lastly,a pic with my baobei Jin:) I Love You:)

02 December 2011

Movie Day-The Twilight Saga

Last Sunday hang out with baobei Jin for shopping and movie:)
Cam whored with her:)
And this is the most likey pic of the day^^
My notti bf! -.-
Hug me like mama~
B4 our movie start, The Twilight Saga,
we had a drinks at Share Tea:)
It was my first time try this share tea:)
Taste not bad but still prefer chatime^^

30 November 2011

Plus One Shabu

Update my blog after dinner:)
Hard to believe right? Haha...
Had our dinner @ One Utama Plus One Shabu...
Personally, I love steamboat...
Steamboat can gather everyone,share food and story.
My life was just simple peeps:)
Family,Boyfie and food:)

26 November 2011

F00D Food FOoD

My life can't live without food:)
I love to eat, but try so hard to lose weight!
Last week had my high tea atEmpire shopping mall:)
Comes with Macaroons,chocolate ball and cakes...
Visit Cafe Takahashi again with my dear Aikiyo for brunch last 2 weeks:)
This pasta was delicious...
And this pizza!!!!
Happy face with nice food...
I love korea food too:)
Kimchiharu @ ss15

Will update more food post^^