26 February 2010

Movie Day:)

We went for movie last week^^
Finally i had watch this movie:)
Not bad loOOo...

We went Pavillion for this show^^

My babe boi Birthday is coming soon~Wuhoo
It is the first time i'll celebrate with him:)

That day,went Starhills and i had falled for this beg~
I know you're mine this week:)hoho

24 February 2010



21 February 2010

Happy Valentine's





LAZO DIAMOND是我们的情人节礼物,我会每天把它戴在手上,就像每天都看到你一样。比,我爱你~

11 February 2010

Happy Happy CNY,Happy Happy You & I

A random post,i dont really know what to post but then i still posted it up~
Chinese New Year are coming soon,i still dont get any new shirts yet~OMG
This is the year i never buy new shirts,wondering what can i wear during CNY-.-sign

I still not yet ready for the CNY mood~ZZzzZ
My bank customers had gave me lots of ang pau:)hu hu
I can shopping kao kao after this:)

My latest style:)
Valentine's days are coming soon~~~It is a year i cant celebrate with Bi...
How can this year CNY and Valentine days fall on the same day???How can???

What am i gonna give him as a present???lol
Bi Bi used to bring me here when i'm moody^^xP
And i'll order this~~!!~~

My Bi Bi brought this for my family~He is so good to my family members~

2moro i need to go back to my father's hometown located at perak~~
OMG~~It's a boring life for me to stay over there for few days~
NO BF(bi bi)
NO Shooping~
NO friends~
OHhhhh Shit!!!
Bi,promise me,fetch me back as soon as possible back to KL~

Maybe i cannot updated my blog for a weeks...
I was like lose communication when i back to kampung~
Ipoh Mali~~! -,-

08 February 2010

Mr.Boo's Wedding Dinner

I'm back to home now:)hehez My blog was like dead for a weeks again...hahax...I think during CNY will be dead for 2 weeks...I had attended my colleague Mr.boo's Wedding Dinner last Monday:)He is from Share Investment Dept and i am from Deposit Dept,but then he still invited me to his Dinner at Puchong:)

It's me with the super long curl hair extention...I woke up pretty early in that morning just to do this,caused after office hour we just straight away went for the dinner~~~
Did you guys miss my long hair much?hehez

Many of my customers asked bout my hair that day...Some of them like me in long hair~
After work,we rushed to Puchong,luckly the traffic not too bad,or else we'll be late~

Joyce Wong and Me^^
I like her dark short hair~

And this is Amy Lee~
3 of us like to lunch together^^

My branch manager,Mr Steven:)

The whole dinner FULL of bank staff,do you know why???
Mr.Boo,which mean our collauge from PBB invite all PBB staff,and her wife is a Hong Leong bank staff oso,so can you imagine how many of banker are in the dinner on that night~
All the topic still bout banker hall~LOL
I can listen the diff topic bout bank~
*Which branch you from???
*How long you had been joined PBB or HL bank?
*What is your position in the bank???
*Your branch many customers???
*How was your branch to maintain the QMS system???
Bla Bla Bla~~~I'm really sick with all this topic~

Is a SEVEN UP nia:)haha
I dint drinks~~

The pretty lady:)

Sexy chick~

I looked so tired but seriusly i'm tired on that night...
My contract lens had been wear for 15 hours...It was like dry till i cannot open my eyes~Gosh
I need to rest now,Good Nights:)

02 February 2010

My sweet 20th Birthday***

Finally,my 20th Birthday had passed like 1 weeks ago...Today i only got time to post it up:)It's a bit late,but i still wanna share with you guys:)My Birthday celebrated in a peacefulness...Why i used the words of PEACEFULNESS,because i just celebrated with my Bi and my girl,Bing Bing:)in a Bistro...

I got the mood to put on hair extention on that night:)
A simple white dress + a light make up~

How can my Birthday passed without him?
He is so damn important for me...My boyfriend,David~

My girl,Bing Bing:)I think we knew each others around 10 years looOoo...
Is the Bistro look warm?

Some pictures with Bi Bi:)

It was the 1st year he celebrated Birthday with me...
I hoped the following years could be the same...

Finally i reached the age of 20~
I know i'm getting older now...
I can't always get perplex or perturbation of "some" person...
Yeah,i know i could do it:)

We had western food for dinner that night...

Too bad i dont eat steak~So chicken chop is my only choices:)

Come Come,Let's start our dinner:)
Babe sang me a Birthday song,he SOLO~hehez
He light's up the 20 candle and sang a song to me^^
And i maked a wish,(Sorry that i'm greedy so i had maked4 wishes in this years)

I'll be loving you day by day...

Does she looks cute?hehez
Yes,she is...:P

My aim for 2010 is:
*Reduce the attitude of cross patch and cross grained:)haha

My Dream Chain-White Gold Mix Gold~

And my LV Damier Ebene Canvas- Eva Clutch