30 August 2010

Shopping +Clubbing +Movie

Tea time @ One Utama:)

Went to club at the night:)
Some pic with the love bii^^

This week movie...

Sorry my readers...
Nowadays I'm so lazy...
Nth to type...aiks

26 August 2010

Bar B Q Plaza

Lunch with hub @ One Utama:)
I said i miss BBQ Plaza so he brought me here:)Thx hubby

And this:)
My favourite Junk:)hehe

Tomorrow is public holiday for Selangor state^^
Shopping shopping:)

23 August 2010

Babe ViVi Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday was my babe Vivi Birthday:)
Happy Birthday,girl...You're my sweet heart:)
Love you much^^

19 August 2010


Bibi bring me to this cafe again:)
As i said,I love the cakes here and i wanna try all^^

Thx my hubby always accompany me all the moment:)
Not much to talk,just wanna share some cakes with you guys:)
Have a try and you'll know it^^

Bibi,I love u...You're the best man who i never meet before^^

I tie up my hair^^Nice?hehe

17 August 2010

Redbox @ Pavillion

Opsss...I delay my post again...sigh
So, to be simple and easy,back to the topic...
Last Saturday hang out with my two babes...
Viick & Jiajia:)

When to Viick's house and had breakfast with her at Kepong^^
After that went Pavilion for shopping^^

I really really love shopping...
Brought some clothes @ Cotton On:)hehe
Then,Jiajia reached:)
3 of us went Redbox cheong k again:)

We like to sing^^

Picturewith s my babes^^

Tatto that belong's to us~

Took some picha with the miinii instant:)

In the night,still stick with my dear viick^^
Dinner together...4 of us:)
Shabu Shabu...yum yum
Jiajia due to some personal reason she can't joined us:(

After dinner,went to Genting for movie:)
I need to updated myself ady...Long time never go for movie...sigh

Curse Of The Deserted...
For me,so damn bored with the movie...
Anyhow i still enjoyed the day:)

09 August 2010

A Random Post

Halo people,a random post for today~
As usual.hang out with the BoyF on Sunday morning:)

Sweet pink :)I love it~hehe

High Tea @ Manjalera...
Seriusly I had forgotten the name of the shop==sigh
But the cake was really nice...

A new brought white gold diamond rings^^

Hearts my Bibi lots...