26 December 2011


Another collection for myself:)

21 December 2011

New hair Colour

Are you ready for X'mas?
I'm ready:)
I had get a new hair colour and nail polish for the coming soon X'mas.
Where will you go for celebrate X'mas?
I will go sg for 3 days^^
Gonna go for shopping:) Yesss!!!!
Btw, what is your X'mas wishlist???
I got lotsssss!!!!
Can my dreams comes true?
Santa Claus please tell me:)

19 December 2011

Starbucks Day

I Love Starbucks.
I Love Coffee.
I Love Chocolate.
I Love Mocha.
I Love Lattle.
I Love... ...
This is the reason why i always choose Starbucks:)
A super short update bout mua life,meet my gor last week:)
Long time never meet him:)
He's still the same^^keep contact ya:)

16 December 2011

Melacca Day Trip

Last Sunday went to Melacca for a day trip:)
With the boyfie and baobei Jin:)
Is just a trip for eat and shopping^^
This is one of the pic i took on the day and likey so much:)
We headed to night market for foods and cutie stuff:)
Pic of me:)Early in the morning, we went for dimsum before we started our journey:)
And meet Mika Law while breakfast, she was with her family:)
After few hours journey, finally we reached^^ When for tea break @ Pahlawan:)
Kuih Lapis with Chatime:)
OUTFIT of the day^^
Lastly,a pic with my baobei Jin:) I Love You:)

02 December 2011

Movie Day-The Twilight Saga

Last Sunday hang out with baobei Jin for shopping and movie:)
Cam whored with her:)
And this is the most likey pic of the day^^
My notti bf! -.-
Hug me like mama~
B4 our movie start, The Twilight Saga,
we had a drinks at Share Tea:)
It was my first time try this share tea:)
Taste not bad but still prefer chatime^^

30 November 2011

Plus One Shabu

Update my blog after dinner:)
Hard to believe right? Haha...
Had our dinner @ One Utama Plus One Shabu...
Personally, I love steamboat...
Steamboat can gather everyone,share food and story.
My life was just simple peeps:)
Family,Boyfie and food:)

26 November 2011

F00D Food FOoD

My life can't live without food:)
I love to eat, but try so hard to lose weight!
Last week had my high tea atEmpire shopping mall:)
Comes with Macaroons,chocolate ball and cakes...
Visit Cafe Takahashi again with my dear Aikiyo for brunch last 2 weeks:)
This pasta was delicious...
And this pizza!!!!
Happy face with nice food...
I love korea food too:)
Kimchiharu @ ss15

Will update more food post^^

21 November 2011



16 November 2011

Choose Juicy

I'm always a Jucy Couture Fannsy!!!!
Why I Choose Juicy?
Just like what had written at Juicy Paper beg?
*Juicy paper beg was super nice with cute baby pink!!!
*Juicy comes with lotsa accosseries like bracelet, neckles, ring and so on!!!
*Juicy always comes with nice box
*Juicy fansy colour makes my heart melt:)
Choose Juicy together with me, and you'll fall in love with it just like me^^

15 November 2011

My Yogurt

Another post about Yogurt again:)
Nowadays I'm still on diet plan, so yogurt is my 'best friend'!
Mostly, during lunch time I'll go for yogurt, because it good for health and diet^^
I had tried another yogurt named My Yogurt...
It located at ss15,
My Yogurt is almost same as Tutti Frutti, but is cheaper than Tutti Frutti...
The most interesting was you just need to keep your resit after purchases,
the next visit you can get a discount of RM2 for just showing the previous resit...
This special promotion will last for long,
and catch all customers heart for visit back again and again,
just like me:)
So, if you really wanna try others yogurt you can try this!
*My Yogurt:)

14 November 2011

Macaroons @ Starhill Tea Salon

I had found this Macaroons for week:)
Saw lotsa ppl posted but i could't found it,
Finally i found it on last Saturday @ Starhill Tea Salon^^
Lots of colorfull cute, small Macaroons in the nylon larder,
it's really attract me:)
So I bought 6 pieces for try^^
There are so many types of flavour for us to try^^
It cost me RM43 but really worth it with the price...It taste Good!!!
I'll go again next time for high tea^^

08 November 2011

Love Red

Halo...Is time to update my blog so that my readers can get update with me:)
Last Sunday,headed to Pavi with my boyfie...
To get my new toy and a hand-cary beg^^
But, Samsung MV800 makes me down on that day:(
I so wish to get the Samsung latest digital cam with it nice outfit with red shit,
but the image that it capture was too blur!!!
I gave a chance to it with switch on the flash but its still the same!!!!
Picture that you capture was so blur and not sharp at all...
Lastly,I choosen another new Baby for myself...
Sony Cyber Shoot DSC-TX10:)
This cam was just perfetc nice!!!Thx god i get this:)
BTW,they havin promotion too with only RM985 u can bring it home:)
Another wishlist is the heel:)
It is not a branded heel but sell with price RM420...
Is exp for me, I never bought so exp heel like this before...
Because, I seldom wear heel, I love flat! hehe
But,this really makes my heart bumb!!!!Too nice!!!
6 inch:) I will bring you home soon!!!!
Nowadays fall for red colour:)
Everything i bought was in red:)
Haha,looking so long for a hand cary beg finally got it last Sunday too at Accessorize:)
With pretty price too:) RM135* worth it!
Amazing week i had^^

03 November 2011

Tutti Frutti

Today gonna post a short post about Tutti Frutti:)
A yogurt with natural fruits.
Tasty and profitable to our health.
We can eat this often and often:)
Tutti Frutti is a self service shop...
Firstly,choose a cup size that you wan,
and yogurt flavor that you like.
Secondly,you also can choose some candy,fresh fruits,crunch or choco to add on tgt with your yogurt.
Lastly,take you cup tgt to the cashier to weight.
Then, you can enjoy your yogurt^^
It taste yum:)

This yogurt is also help for digest:)
The outlet i only know is SS15 and Sunway Pyramid:)
You can have a look and try it^^