27 September 2011

Trend Of Style

A post without lotsa words...
I'm just sharing some recently style...
Hope you like it^^

21 September 2011

Cross Over Project

还是先练重要的,所有练了Lady Gaga两首歌曲,
Born This Way & The Edge of Glory:)
下午用餐后,到Cheras MO Sound Studio准备录音,
他说明年会和本地乐团Mandhand 来个Cross Over,希望有机会与我合作。

20 September 2011

Busy Bee

I gonna be very busy for this 2 month...
I need to go for rehersal for the coming soon Public Bank annual dinner,
I need to be a vocalist, go for recording...
I have to take part in singing competition, practise my song always...
Then, have to join for theme dress competition, I still need to search for my dinner dress...
Really busy busy busy!!! Less time to accompany my hub:(
I still have to go for my singing session for live music cafe every Friday and Saturday night.
Everyday try to learn new song, I got no time for myself to update my blog.
More update just on my Instagram:) So,readers can follow me^^
A picture i smile with teeth:)hehe
Thinking of brace my teeth~
Look forward to the Oct trip with the hub:)
Visit an island for release all these stress!!!
I got no time for oversea trip, still planning of it!!!
People are looking for me to sing, but hub refuse all!!!
Sometimes I'll upset because he is too self fish...
Latest event on this Thursday at ss15, Library bar and cafe grand opening,
Actually I'm invited to become an vocalist,but bf not allow...
Sob sob...Anyhow i know that he love me much, I'll respect all his decision...
Dear all, night, tomorrow gonna go for head office for vocal training!!!See ya!!!

16 September 2011

Snowflakes Crazy

This few month i GAIN weight:(
For me I'm upset!!! But for hub, he was happy! *Faint!!!
Girls are always trying to be more and more pretty!
Do people ask me: Xiiaoyin, you go for double eyelid operation?
The answer is:... .... NO!!! I'm still wondering should i go or not!
I need someone accompany me to do tgt!!! I'm scare!!!!!
Alright,forget about it!!!
What makes me gain weight???
I think is Snowflake dessert:)
You can see how many cards i had cop!!!But i still haven redeem it^^hehe
This is the best dessert shop i ever had in my life!!!
I'll be there every week at least twice:)
Anyhow, enjoy the 3 days holiday guys:)

07 September 2011

My Life

I love shopping,
I love traveling,
I love to spend money and buy worth stuff!
This pair of vintage heels in brown colour, I had been searching for so long,
Finally i get it at pyramid!!!
Worth it with the price!
Nice and comfortable...
Every month I'll go for medicure and padicure...
Scrub and spa at nail saloon...
I also will go for massage and spa to release stress!!!
Facial too^^ I love facial much^^ keep my skin nice and smooth^^
Besides than that, I will also go for hair treatment and spa:)
To keep my hair smooth...
After I had perm my hair, I noticed that my hair had damaged!!!
I need to keep doing treatment to repair it:)
This is all I'll spend in a month^^
For me is worth it^^
Every girl likes to be more and more pretty^^
So, they dont mind to spend it all at this beauty saloon:)
As the same for me^^

06 September 2011

Cameron Highland Strawberry Farm

Last week was Raya week, so i got 3 days holiday:) Hooorayyyyy!!!
Bf and me decided to go back to hometown to visit my grandparents and had a 1 day trip to Cameron Highland:)
The bf fetch all my family back to Perak and had dinner with my family members...
Thursday morning,wake up very early in the morning for breakfast and headed to Cameron...
Is been awhile never visit Cameron Highland,
the wheather is cool and whole Cameron was packed,maybe because was public holiday,
everybody was plan for a smal trip like us^^
Visited all the farm,of course the Strawberry Farm as well...
Tried some homemade dessert as our late lunch:)
It was really a relaxing trip for me to release the stress:)