27 December 2009

I'm Back:)

I'm back,i'm back...
I'm back from my Malacca trip:)
Why i'm not going for Thai???
It's some work prob,so our Thai trip had to delay to next year:)
I went Malacca at the X'mas eve~with my lovely babe...Mr.David~
We travel in the night and reached there at the midnight:)
Rent a hotel and start our trip...
First of all,Xmas day should be gift exchanged...xoxo
Babe brought me a White Gold neckles~

What is the meaning of 'JY'?
Actually my name in BM is Jia Yin...
And his name is Jun Yuan...
So our last name both were also JY~Tats the meaning...
Thxs bi...Another is a Gold chain...

He give me lots of gift~
So what i had brought for him as the 1st year Xmas gift???
A Watch~

He said he love it^^

Nice right???

Bi,i'll wear this each and everyday~
The 2nd day~~~
We woke up in the morning and went for our breakfast~
The most famous food in Malacca was the 'chicken rice',so we go for a try:)
I want to intro you all the Cendol~Kinda nice~

In the afternoon,it was freaking hot,so we went for a shopping at Pahlawan~
I'm puteri lilin...hahax
I went SASA again~wakaka

This time,i would like to intro you guys a hair spray from Japan:)

If you like to bumb into party or club???
You must get one of this spray~
It's a fruits smell and can cover all the smoke smell from hair~
Put it into your beg and use it when you felt that you hair is full of the smell of smoke~
And the BIG HEAD hair spray is to style your hair~Nice to use~
And another bottle is hair treatment water:)If you always style or dye your hair,you can try this:)
In the evening,we went Malacca night market:)

The tradisional candy~taste not bad:)

The street in Malacca~
3rd day~~

Went for a big meal:)
The Malacca Baba Nyonya Food:)
I love it~
First of all,the Chendol:)

If you never try this,you're not consider that you had visit Malacca:)

The Asam Fish Head:)yummy

'Otak-otak'...i tot this food was Johor famous one???

This come in SET:)
And the last one,a banana boat desert")

My sweet Bi and Mii:)

Then we went to Eye On Malaysia:)

Can see the whole night view in Malacca:)
The 4th day~
Goodbye Malacca~I need to back to KL...

I'll back~
On the way back to KL...Bi's friends wedding dinner at Jalan Imbi...

I forget to bring my dress~~HOW???OMFG
I just bring short pants and T oni...and with my slipper~~

Argghh~bi said NVM la,just wear this and go...

Everyone was looking at me from top to bottom~~~
I was like:Am i the animal in the ZOO???
Maybe i really dint wear in proper!!felt upset~

Red whine with the champagne:)

Bibi thxs for all the gift from the before till after Xmas:)
I really really felt happy with all this:)
I love you so much~Muackzz

23 December 2009

Sunway Lagoon OPEN in The Night:)

As everyone know...Now,Lagoon was open in the night too:)
If you go on 18/12-03/01,It's FOC (free of charge)!!!
So,we and babe go for it,have a look what is so special:)
Before steps in the team park,i went pyramid for a shopping again...
I had a thick make up today...you can see this from the eye make up~

I brought some skin care:)
This product was the Taiwan "NV REN WO ZUI DA" hottest product")
Girls that always make up must try this:)Super nice to use it~
Whole set just oni RM 659...Dont miss it!!!

Besides that,i brought a NEW HEEl:)
5 inch high~Hope i wont fall down:)
I wear it ON THE SPOT,cause i felt tat is kinda match the outfit on the day~xoxo

As you can see from the pictures below~
How nice was the night view of Lagoon team park:)
Thousands of bub lights up~

Lots of ppl having fun with all the games~
The haunted house and so on...
I think the kids havin lots fun and joy~running non stop~

And it's me~!!
Looks bit tired cause i had walk with the high heel for few hours~
OMG~I think i can be the super model>>>LOL

Some pictures with my Bi~

I had a wonderfull night with him~

I'm searching for some vitamin for fair skin:)
Any intro???plsss:)xixi

After that,went Republic for a drinks:)ahaaa!!!
See this~my bi gonna crazy on this~He so likes to drink~

You know what he told me???
He saids:Bao Bei,if my X'mas gift can be a DOZEN of CHIVAS,i think i'll crazy~
I reply:Sorry la bi,sorry for that i can't make it~haha
I dont like ppl who likes to drinks~sorry

The day end with me~with this posing~yo

21 December 2009

Jungle Tracking!!

Such a long time i had never been for jungle tracking...If not mistaken,i think was after finished my primary school life...hahax...so,today Bibi and me went to Bukit Tinggi:)Japanese Village...
We lose for few minutes and so we asked for direction:)

Tat's me:)Just a little bit of light make up...
Am i looks sick???haha
45 min journey and we reached:)So we started our journey...

See~~~The fish...

I looks tired right???But still peace V^^

Flowers...you can see it everyway...I started to like the beauty of natural:)
The air was fresh...No DARK SMOKE from factory~~!!

Who said i only know to shopping???xoxo

Xiiao Yin in Japan now!!!LOL
What a day dream?!

My hubby~

I looks super fair in this pictures:)
Then we went for Rabbits Park:)

Lots of rabbits running under my leg~xixi

Bi looks so cute in this picture:)
The rabbit was so so so hard to catch~And FINALLY 2gether we did it:)

Nothings gonna change my love for you~muackx
Continue our jouney to Colmar Tropicale:)

Wow,what a pose???xixi

Nice view:)is the first time i came over here:)

Hug you tight so that you cannot run away^^

Pictures all the way long...

Life can be so colourful like this:)

Suddenly i saw a huge Teddy~~wahaha
Is so huge,bigger than me")

I asked Bi to joined for pictures with the Teddy:)I do like Teddy much~

Ding Dong Bell~X'mas left 4 more days:)

Bibi + me~~~

I love HIM*

Stand by for a swim???No way...
I totally cannot swim!haha

Since i cannot swim,so i just can TOUCH the water~...xixi

Bi so skinny~~~'In Malay we called this 'kurus kering'wahaha

I enjoyed all the moment with you,bi...
Keep holding on:)Love you