26 March 2010

Indonesia,I'm Coming!!

Me and Bibi will fly to Indonesia at the end of September :)

Go to Bandung for a visit for 5 days 4 nights~

Everything was done:)

Can't wait for the trip with him:)

There gonna be a shopping heaven for me^^Wohuuu

Shogun @ 1 Utama

Sunday night went Shogun with Bibi and his parents:)
Kinda long i never went to Shogun...
Is a lovely dinner with his parents:)

The reason why i'm getting fater and fater T.T

Start from today,i wan keep fit!!!
ON my diet plan again~haha





I Get Promotion At PBB:)

















K Queen~

Going Neway Cheong K Oooo:)

I like to sing to him:)

Very simple life style we having now~

Love you,babe~

22 March 2010

Hotel Room

Some pictures that i miss to uploaded~Pictures took by Sharley How:)Although she is not a Pro Photographfer,but then i still like it:)
Me @ the bathroom:0

With my Kitty~

I want to be tiny~

Busy sms with Bibi~



Outside the hotel...
Nice view~

I took my breakfast here~

Is time for me to go for rehearsal~
To be continue... ...

What so special about Tan Sri Teh 80th Birthday Celebration

13/03/2010 (Saturday)
Public Bank Chairman Tan Sri DatoSri Dk Teh Hong Piow 80th years old Birthday Celebration was held on The Mines Convention Centre~
600 of staff involved to be joined for the staff performence,and i'm proud to be invited to sing and dance:)
All managers from others region invited to celebrated this big days 2gether...
For me,i think Tan Sri Teh had gave out lots of money for this Birthday celebration...First,he gave all staff and managers from others region air ticket to travel to KL,hotel and so on...
This is the invitation card that i received:)See,how HUGE was it:)haha

Then,i'll show you what is inside~hehe

Its really a nice card,i swear i'll keep it for life:)
Then let's talk bout the door gift~Everyone will getting this door gift on the night,so i get it too^^

He also announced that heill give out 18 million for all Public Bank staff as extra bonus:)Yahoooo

It's like 1 month salary~syok!!!

Guess what's inside???
It was a gold bowl~Why does he gave this for us???
In the Chinese culture,the 80th birthday is 'DA SHOU',meaning grand longevity and abundance of blessings.It has been a practice that the Birthday Person will give a bowl to every friend and relative who shares in the celebration of his 80th birthday.

It was a grand celebration i never seen before~
The decoration was so nice and special~

That night was really fantastic~
I'll remember it deep in my heart~
I dont have much pictures to shares just because i'm busy on the night~
But i'll get a DVD on that night~It was a nice memory in my life~
I LOVE Public Bank:)

18 March 2010

My FIRST time:)

Ignore my cacat face,wahaha~

It was the FIRST time i drive on road~

It was the FIRST time i drive without Lesen~

It was the FIRST time i bring his parents out for dinner~

It was the FIRST time i felt so worry~

It was the FIRST time i stunned!I'm Lost~wahaha

His parents was so so so worry in the car~

His dad keep on:Eh yin,got motor arhhhh~!!!

Yin,faster make a turn,the car gonna horn you~@@

My Bibi more funny,Bi!you wanna bang my car izit???

Cant you see there was a motor there?You dont knock down the people~

Then we'll meet at police station~wahaha

I learn so hard to drive~

Bibi saids maybe next time i'll become a road bully~

Cause he said when he see the way i drive,i never let any car CUT me:)aha

I had clip all my fringe up so that i can see more clear~

I know i can make it some others day^^

I'm X a Clubber~!Teehee

Saturday night is clubbing night,normally youngster will hang out together to the club for fun~I had few months never WALK INTO club,finally last Saturday i went Quattro with Bibi...Xp I did 1 stupid thing before i went out~
See the pictures below:

I cut my fringe by myself,so after that it become like this:
Sucks la me!!!Haha
Is just like DOG BITE~~!!!
I'm regret now~!!wu wu...

I felt like dont want to take pictures anymore~But my Bibi saids:It's okay dear,will be alright after a week...Teehee
Bibi and me IN THE CLUB~

I swear i'll never cut my hair by myself anymore~So funny when i saw the pictures~
Luckly now is OK Oooo:p
He like to sayang me like this way~~hehe
His big hand can cover my whole face lo~~

Let's cheer~

Do you wan some alcohol?hehez

Bibi,show me,if you love me:)

Dance for an hour so i need to take a break~

Our outfit was so match on that night~

I think that's all for tonight post^^I need to go for sleep,i just sleep 3 hours and i'm so tired now~
Bibi,Miss You~