29 January 2010

a DE TROP person

Its gonna be a long post,no pictures just words,SPECIALL for the DE TROP person:)

Oh oh izit???that's fantastic:)Keep on view my blog k...I dont need you to be my NO1 fans la,i feel embarrass IF you're my fans...hoho While i read your words,i realised that you are weak in eng too,how you gonna judge me?AND i DINT said that i looks pretty,or you feel it personally?If it is,THANK YOU so much:)One more,at least i'm much more better than you,you dont even dare to show your PRETTY face,maybe you're ugly like a DUCK,nvm i'm not interested with it...yor're a good interlocutor and also a interloper,try to introspection before you wanna judge me:)I dont have a plume out fit,how you gonna to saids that i'm acting highclass?Or you wan my blog write in po-faced style?I scare the reader will be bore so i just trying to simplify as much as i can.i'm not those who likes to be shrewish okay...you makes me feel sicken, bloody hell...Plss la,stop boloney in my blog,or create some bombshell for my readers...What you did just showing you're just a bonehead,and i'm not a braggart or conceit person,hope you can understand me...You dont have the right to condemn me or others,i'm not trying to defend myself...Before you judge me,make sure that you got enough of evidence to demonstrable,dont just bull shits alone...Or you're too free so you likes to deride people?I wont escapism to delete your comment or what,but just i'll give a reply:)Your ethic seems like no use to me,hahax...I know you're a gusher and will reply me,right???Like my boyfriend saids you're just a inessential person in a part of life for me,i can ignore you...Ya,i admit that your words sometimes will influentially my temper or inflame me,but not too long...After i saw your comment,I can 100% that you're really envy me:)hehe...If you dont want to be a laughingstock,plss stops it...Dont be like a loony in my blog,change your attitude maybe you'll prepossessing me...I know todays blog are so profundity,sorry for the readers...Do not try to rebuttal,you dont have the right to make noise in people's blog...I'm a girl who are hard to stroppy with...My suggestible for you is:Do not bother about people's life style,dont try to be a busybody,you makes ppl feel irk!!!

27 January 2010

Get Out Of my blog IF you DISLIKE me:)

Hey you~Dont look around,i'm telling you now...If you DISLIKE me,you just get out from my blog,dont visit anymore:)Is just if you got so damn fucking lots of comment to me,why the hell you still wan to comes into my blog?Got no idea right now,what is in your mind?

Fine,Just WARNING once again:GET OUT FROM MY BLOG IF YOU DISLIKE ME:)Back to the topic,long time i never put on hair extention,1 of the reason is my bi dont like it,and the 2nd reason is i'm too lazy~haha

Some ppl asked me bout my hair extention last times...Sorry that i just give a simple reply,i really dont have much time to manage my blog,sometimes i updated my blog during lunch hour...LOL it's really a rush of time...Well,bout the hair extention,if you guys interest with it can leave me a comment:)

The pic above actually i'm just using 1 piece of hair extention,but then is super thick and real human hair,long 90cm,can be perm or dye:)can do whatever you like...For those who are short hair like me can use this:)Its natural...

This is the exp:P
RM280 for 1 piece~

Feel like changing my handphone~I-phone better or Blackberry???

I had watch this Korea drama for 2 times:)hahax
Would like to intro to you guys:)Thumbs up:)

And now i am watching this:) [LIN DA LANG] xoxo

I'll be stop here,have to continue with the drama:)
See ya:)

25 January 2010

My Dearest

Wow wow wow...My Birthday one more days to go...A Burberry???A LV or a Chanel???3 of it which i'll receive???I hope its a Burberry:)Sunday morning,i received a sms from my jie,she asked me for a meet:)Bi said Okay so i'm alright since he can fetch me:)
They ask me to meet at KL so we choosen Time Square Starbucks as the place for us to meet:)

I knew them for few years and still rmb last time i was so close with my gor,oydwen:)At the same time i knew his gf,Xin Jie too:)They were so care bout me even we seldom contact each others...I need to apologize to 2 of them that i always lose contact~I promised i'll keep on contact :)

They called me out just to give me my Birthday present:)Felt touch...Although we're seldom contact yet they still rmb my birthday...Maybe i'm too bad,if i get a bf i'll just concentrate on him and so i'll lose my friends and so on...I get lots of complained from my friends,really i'm sorry...I'll try hard to balance the relationship between friendships and boyfriend...

It was the first time i intro my boyfriends to them:)Jie,any comment for me ma???hehez...Gor,jie,i'll find you two at Johor:)i swear:)And i wanna tell both of you,seldom contact doent's means that i'll forget you...you're still in my heart:)

Thx for all the things:)

22 January 2010

Another Birthday celebration dinner @ ChillOut

Once again i wanna said thank you to all my friends and collaegue:)Another Birthday celebration for me @ ChillOut:)Just a simple dinner but with joy and fun:)
Chillout located at ss15,its a bistro and restaurant:)Just new open around 2 month:)

The ladies and the gentlemen:)
Thx a lots for the dinner,you guys really makes me feel like i'm having my 21st birthday...

See,6 table join 2gether and had our candle light dinner:)wow

ChillOut modeling show:)hahax
Amy Lee Li Hong and me^^yo

And this is another Bithday boi,his name:Ming Seng...
He works with PBB for 11 years~OMFG

Now,i gonna intro you guys some of the menu @ ChillOut:)
Kinda nice but is expensive:)

Is time to sang me a Birthday song~xoxo

And some pictures with the boys and girls~

Girls,do not drunk okay:)hehez

Mr Boo at the middle:)

I know i'm gonna turn to 20...But just dont so obvious put so many of the candle...Jor
But anyway Thx for all~
Terima Kasih banyak banyak:)

20 January 2010

My Birthday Celebration @ Full House

As everyone know my 20th Birthday is coming soon,according to the calender it's leave 6 more days:)I feel excited right now:)Can't wait to celebrate my Birthday with Bi:)Back to the topic,my friend celebrated my Birthday at Pyramid Full House:)Whole brances of us joined:)They had booked for me the vip room:)

You know what,what is mean by ONE MALAYSIA...
I do got lots Malay friends...

Show you guys something...
Ta Dae...SEE how many present they had prepared for me,haha,more than 50 la:)
I really felt super happy,although not branded things but can feel the HEART...

Before we started the dinner,we have some games for the Birthday girl and boy...

We got 2 Bithday cake:)yahoo

We Started our dinner lo:)I order a chicken chop:)

The sang me Birthday song~

Busy with the meal~

Take some group pictures

I love all my frends:)
THX for all:)and this is the present i like the most:)